Your Best Thermostat Guide

Homes today are becoming smarter and more efficient due to the ever growing technology generally known as “home automation”. Here at the Thermostat Specialist we are here to help you understand how the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (abbreviated as HVAC) in your home can be upgraded or modified with the current thermostat models for sale.

Did you know that merely 10 years before the thermostats have changed dramatically in their operation, features, and price? Yes, thermostats come in a variety of types that fit every need and it’s our job to help you sift through the options and come to an ideal buying decision. That’s the exact reason why we created this website. There’s so many ways which your HVAC system can function from simple temperature controls to interaction with the rest of your home automation systems and appliances.

Our website will discuss and educate you on the following types of thermostats:

  • Manual Thermostats: If you live in an older home then you may already have one of these which many have easy to use controls. The main drawback is that due to limitations in controls and settings you’re mostly comfortable but need to constantly, manually adjust the temp which also limits many people’s desire for automation and money savings when it comes to energy costs.
  • Programmable Thermostats: As the name implies you’ll be able to program the operation of your thermostat to adjust to certain temperatures throughout the day. Some models allow you to pre-set ranges based on a daily/weekly schedule and potentially even what’s known as the “5:2” or “5:1:1” which refers to 5 work days and weekend scheduling. Many of the models for sale have digital screens which offer attractive looks and functional programming with no use of mercury to measure the temperature. If you’re looking to save money, Programmable Thermostats have the ability to save as much as one-third on your heating costs and as much as 25{06458d22fdf8d09de436b31c48ea721074b0cefd716e5cf75440e6be61136ffc} on your cooling costs!
  • Smart Thermostats / Wifi Thermostats: Imagine all the advantages of a programmable thermostat but with the ability to control and adjust settings from your office or as you lazily lounge on your couch! All you need is a WiFi capable device such as your mobile phone, a tablet, or even a computer.

The Thermostat Specialist also has many helpful articles that will discuss model reviews, thermostat compatibility, and address consumer concerns between well known and up-and-coming brands. We have learned a great deal through direct interaction with consumers and we also scour the net for comparisons, reviews, and other feedback to help you make an educated choice on which thermostat works best for your home and family’s needs.