Tips New Homeowners Need To Know About HVAC

Are you the new homeowner on the block? One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is the heating and cooling system which manages the everyday climate inside your home and how to care for it to ensure efficient operating. While this may seem like a dull topic it’s important to remember that there are lots of us who have never had to use or upkeep an HVAC system in a home before. As you can imagine there is a myriad of things that may occur that can cause your HVAC system to perform poorly which will cost you more money unnecessarily.

Let’s explore some of the mistakes that homeowners may be prone to make when it comes to heating and cooling systems.

Choosing The Biggest System You Can Afford

It makes sense to think that in the case of keeping your home heated and/or cooled that a larger system would be the best option to get top notch performance. Quite surprisingly this is not always the case in the HVAC world. Bigger is not always better because larger doesn’t equal to a more efficient system. In fact, larger equates to a more costly energy bill due to the system being “too much” and throws temperatures out of comfort ranges.

Setting Your Thermostat Lower Than Necessary

It’s not uncommon to want your home to be as cool as you can get it when summer rolls around. Naturally we walk over to the thermostat and set it as low as we can get it. The issue with this is that your cooling system cools the air at one speed only which means that it won’t cool faster just because you set the dial lower. What is taking place is that your HVAC unit is still working harder to maintain such a low temperature while being unable to meet the cooling level you desire quick enough. This typically results in running the system harder for longer periods of time, undue stress which in the long run will put you at risk for maintenance and repairs sooner than needed.

Clogging Up Vents

If you’re like many other home owners you’ll find that that extra guest room or your office sees less use so it would dawn on you that closing those vents would help other, more used rooms in the house receive more airflow. The fact is actually opposite and closing these vents causes damage and wear on the system and ducts that results from the airflows increased pressure. The most common damage that happens are duct leaks along with other issues with the HVAC system.

Deferred Maintenance

Lastly, the age old problem of forgetting or putting off regular maintenance can really come back to bite you. Your heating and cooling unit is most likely the heaviest used piece of equipment in your home and not taking regular care of it is costly. You can relax knowing that maintenance is only a monthly item which doesn’t take much time at all to check and replace filters as needed. Depending on where you live and air quality conditions most HVAC professionals recommend filter changes every 3 months but feel free to do them sooner if your air is dusty as an example. Take a look at the condensing unit outdoors to ensure there’s no overgrowing brush nearby. Then be sure to schedule an HVAC tech to take a look at your unit two times a year.

With these simple tips you’re now a better prepared and educated homeowner in the heating and cooling world.